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3T components

3T-Components is the specialist dealer for the automation of roller shutters and awnings. The company has been on the market for over 15 years and has been offering a wide range of products ever since.

Here you get intelligent drives for roller shutters and awnings and the appropriate control technology. With the practical timers, your devices open and close fully automatically so that you no longer have to worry about them yourself.

3T-Components offers two different online shops. One is for private customers and the other for business customers and dealers. Whoever orders here is by no means on their own, but can contact the competent customer service with any questions, who will answer all questions about the various products to the best of their knowledge and belief. You can either write an e-mail or dial the number of the telephone hotline.

In the 3T-Components shop, you will also find all of the accessories that go with installing roller shutters. There is also a large selection of accessories for roller shutter motors on offer. For many different products, you will also find instruction videos that explain in detail how they work and also how the installation must be carried out. You can also find the operating instructions for the various sun and privacy protection devices on the shop website.

Swiss customers can easily process their order via allex.ch. From just CHF 14.90 you can get your delivery straight to your door and don’t have to worry about anything. You will find information on larger and heavier packages in our price list.

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