At everything revolves around sleeping comfort. The best-known product from the range is probably the Bodyguard mattress, which was awarded a “good” test rating by Stiftung Warentest. The range also includes a slatted frame, topper, support pillows, and bed linen.

All products that can be bought at are primarily tailored to the Bodyguard mattress. The slatted frame serves as the ideal basis for this and the topper is also well suited for those who want their bodyguard mattress a little softer. The products can also be combined very well with other mattress brands.

At special attention is paid to high-quality materials that not only look good but are also easy to care for and ensure maximum comfort. Both the satin and flannel bed linen from the online shop are made of 100% cotton. The fitted sheets are made of jerseys and thus ensure a pleasant skin climate.

On the website of the online shop, you will also find a lot of useful information about the products on offer. For example, a whole category is devoted to the subject of the “degree of hardness of mattresses”. In addition, the test results that are available for the Bodyguard mattress are also published there. Another category is dedicated to explaining why this product is an anti-cartel mattress.

Swiss customers can easily process their orders via From just CHF 14.90 you can get your delivery straight to your door and don’t have to worry about anything. You will find information on larger and heavier packages in our price list.

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