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In the Springlane online shop, everyone who enjoys cooking and baking will get their money’s worth. The founder-run company not only sells many high-quality kitchen products but also runs one of the largest European food blogs.

At Springlane, the focus is on having fun cooking, so they rely on high-quality and innovative products that are also convincing in terms of design. That is why all goods are extensively tested there before they go on sale.

There is a tall range of kitchen machines with a wide variety of functions. You will find classics here such as mixers, kitchen machines, or waffle irons, but also more specialized machines such as yoghurt makers, dehydrators, and vacuum packers. In addition, Springlane offers a wide range of kitchen accessories such as storage boxes, dishes, cutting boards, etc. A stylish, Scandinavian design plays an important role. If you are still looking for inspiration for new dishes, you might find the right thing under the heading cookbooks and e-books.

Springlane does not ship directly to Switzerland, but Swiss customers can also conveniently order there via allex.ch and have their purchase from CHF 14.90 delivered to their home.

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