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The Partner Service

Our service at makes it easy for you to send goods to customers in Switzerland under your standard domestic purchase conditions.

We act as an interface between German online retailers and Swiss customers, taking responsibility for the proper processing of customs and sending your goods to the final Swiss address – making it considerably easier and more attractive to trade with Switzerland.


Swiss customers gain the following benefits through, making shopping with your online shop an even more attractive option:

  • Transparency of final price

  • Wider product range

  • Better shopping reach

  • No more customs bills

  • No additional import paperwork to fill out

  • No queues at the border, customs office, till etc.

  • Cost and time saving on travel

With us as a partner, you benefit from our transparent process, our comprehensive service and the high buying power of the Swiss market.

How It Works wants to expand your services in the form of an attractive shipping option for Swiss customers.

Simply add a link to under your shipping options in your shop checkout.

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In exchange, we would be happy to add your shop to our shop recommendations on our partner page.

This is completely free of charge for you and not related to a contract (even suitable for occasional deliveries to Switzerland).