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How it Works

Our service makes it easier than ever for you to receive products from German online shops.

No hidden customs or other fees. We manage the importation process for you so you can simply relax and wait for your parcel. – Einfach – Simple – Semplice

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Shop at your favourite German online store

Shopping is made easy at your chosen online store in Germany. But please make sure that the dealer is liable for VAT in Germany.

Shipping and Billing Address

Enter the following Allex GmbH address as your shipping and billing address with your assigned customer ID.

Important: Do not add any additional information such as “personal details”, “c/o” or “FAO”.


Shipping Address

Allex GmbH
0123456789 (This is an example)
Am Buchrain 24
D-79713 Bad Säckingen

Billing Address

Allex GmbH
0123456789 (This is an example)
Am Buchrain 24
D-79713 Bad Säckingen

Order Confirmation

Once you receive the email that contains the order confirmation from the online store in your personal inbox, FORWARD it to your email address below.
Watch here for help.

Example:   (This is an example)

*Please do not use this email above on the online store

Upload the invoice

Upload the invoice as soon as you receive it in your account.
Watch here for help.

Note that your invoice is needed for custom clearance purposes.

 Upload Invoice

Package Arrival + Delivery

When your parcel arrives at Allex GmbH in Germany, you will receive an e-mail requesting to choose a Swiss Post delivery method (Economy, Priority or Express) and proceed to checkout by credit card or PayPal. Watch how it works.

You are not permitted to order these goods through us cannot deliver certain goods to Switzerland as they are subject to special import and export regulations in the EU or Switzerland.


Non-authorized goods shall be returned to the original online shop and a fee charged for this additional administrative workload in compliance with our price list .


This includes the following products:

All food and drink, including supplements (Baby food, vitamins/vitamin supplements, protein powder, probiotics, etc.)
Pet food
Coins, bank notes
Cultural goods
Salt in the form of edible salt, medicinal salts etc. (bath salts and cosmetic, Salt mixtures are allowed)
Plants, pet grass, plant seeds and soil (humus) (species conservation and protection of native flora)
Fur of all kinds (pelts of non-domesticated animals e.g. mink, lynx etc.)
Tobacco and other nicotine products, narcotics and drugs etc.
Hazardous substances and mixtures (chemicals, fireworks, etc.)
Biocides, pesticides, fertiliser
Precious stones, such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, topaz, turquoise etc.
Weapons of any kind, including parts hereof
Alcohol (beer, wine, spirits, etc...)
Subscriptions (newspapers, subscription boxes, etc.)
Medications (including non-prescription medicines) as well as alternative medicines, DNA Test, Fat burners, anabolic-androgenic steroids, etc.
Precious metals also in shape of jewelry (platinum, gold, silver, etc.)
Goods that violate intellectual property (fakes, pirate copies, etc.)
For safety reasons, only batteries and accumulators that are based on lithium ions and / or maintenance-free models can be sent to Switzerland.


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    Please get in touch with us before placing an order if you are in any doubt.

Size and weight

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    For parcels exceeding 100 x 60 x 60 cm or length 250 cm, circumference over 400 cm and/or over  30kg, please always contact us in advance using the Special Order Request.

  will clarify your case and provide you with a quote.

Non Authorized goods

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    Certain goods are excluded from Swiss delivery through
    You can find more detailed information in our list of non-authorized goods.

  • logoicon reserves the right to return non-authorized goods to the relevant retailer.

    Please note that we charge a fee for this additional administrative workload in compliance with our price list.

Failure to uphold these rules may result in the closure of your account.

Choosing the Right Way to Pay for Your Purchases

As we can only export goods that have been paid for in full, orders are only accepted from your chosen online shop after being settled with the following payment methods:

  • paymentCredit card
  • paymentPaypal
  • paymentPre-payment
  • paymentInstant transfer

Alternative payment methods as listed below are not accepted

It is not possible to process orders with alternative payment methods as listed below:

  • img_logo Payment on receipt of invoice
  • img_logo Cash on delivery
  • img_logo Bank transfer from a German bank account
  • img_logo Monthly payments
  • img_logo KLARNA
  • img_logo BillSAFE

Important note reserves the right to return orders placed with the wrong payment method to the relevant retailer.

Please note that we charge a fee for this additional administrative workload in compliance with our price list.

Make sure that you have forwarded the order confirmation to your allocated email address (e.g. and that the invoice from the online shop has been uploaded to the corresponding order on

As soon as we have received your delivery from the online shop, we will review your order and calculate our service charge based on our price list.

You’ll then receive a payment request for our services via email. Once this has been settled, we’ll forward your delivery straight to your door.

How can I return my order?

All goods delivered to you via must also be returned by the return service in order to comply with customs laws.

Allex Trading GmbH
Rigistrasse 29
6340 Baar address

We are happy to guide you along as you need to submit a Return Request from your account My Account

  • logoicon If you’re planning to return something, please contact the original retailer before sending your parcel.
  • logoicon Under your Order(s), identify what order contains the good(s) that you would like to return to the vendor
  • logoicon Click on the “Return” button
  • logoicon Fulfil the form properly
  • logoicon You can send your purchases to the address above using the domestic post
  • logoicon Please use the original packaging that we sent your parcel in
  • logoicon You can follow your returns under the tab “My Returns

What does return shipping cost?

We charge a fee as stated in our price list for our returns service and customs reversal.

Please also consider your documents for domestic post via Swiss Post.

Insofar as the online shop has provided a prepaid returns label or sticker for returns within Germany, will use this for the return.

Otherwise, we will charge you for German post at cost.

If you wish to return something weighing more than 30kg and/or exceeding the standard dimensions, please contact us first using the Special Order Request form.

What deadlines do I have to keep in mind?

Please find out the returns window for the relevant online shop before sending your return. Retailers in Germany generally accept returns within 14 or 30 days. Due to postal times in Switzerland and back to Germany, please allow around 7 days to ensure you are refunded for your return. shall not be held liable for delays to returns.